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our team

ALEPO has a varying number of collaborators, according to the specific needs of every project. We work with highly specialized professionals, therefor keeping the team flexible and dynamic. Punctually we establish cooperations with other design practices in the field, as well as engineering teams of the highest professional level.

In charge / Responsável

Rolf Heinemann


Member A8793 of OA - Ordem dos Arquitectos


Member E-5820 of AHK/CCILA - Câmara de Comércio Luso Alemá

Member 1583 of CCPH - Dutch Portuguese Chamber of Commerce



Collaborators / Colaboradores:


Filipe Almeida

Alexander Simões

Helena Eustácio

Doriana Reino






M.Teresa de Matos Matilde – Dicomedia Architecten, Amsterdam



João Góis – JAG Arquitectos

José Laranjeira – OIL Arquitectura e Design

António Lobato Santo – LGLS Arquitectos

Jordi Fornells - VOAR Arquitetura


FCLAO - Costa Lopes Arquitectos

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